2019 TEDx Talks


For a Great Career, Be a Rebel!

Sarah Baker Andrus
What might happen if you looked at your career as an adventure – as an intentional step off of the beaten path and into the unknown? It is the rebels, the risk-takers – those who are willing to step outside the lines – who have the advantage when it comes to building sustainable, meaningful careers.

Reinventing Political Borders for Environmental and Social Harmon

Saleem Ali
As humankind developed nation states, geopolitical borders became more physically clear, but usually not defined by natural boundaries. Our perception of the world has become more defined by countries. Twentieth century efforts at eroding country borders have been partially reversed in the last 20 years due to a resurgence of nationalism. By focusing on ecological impacts and benefits of borders we need to start a more pragmatic win-win societal discussion of political borders.

Mental Health Needs To Move Beyond Just Being Aware

Katie Manta
Sometimes it’s the adventures we don’t ask for that we learn the most from.” In her TEDx talk Katie speaks to the dark days of her personal journey and provides a realistic way for us to actually make a difference in a society of stigma.

The Storyteller’s Adventure

Nana Ohemaa Asante
In her TEDx Talk Asante proposes the idea that storytelling is not only an art that all individuals are well versed in, but also a skill that anyone can hone. It is human nature to relay information and ideas through stories, and we as humans not only exist as stories, but also as protagonists in our own tales.

Changing the Landscape of Mobility

Cole Galloway
Dr. Galloway is an award-winning professor with 20 years of federally funded research in neurological rehabilitation. His work has been the focus of worldwide media, documentary films and a Smithsonian’s American History Museum Exhibit.  In 18 months he will be put out of business by a bunch of middle schoolers. His talk is about how in the world this could happen, and why he is helping accelerate their ‘take over’ as fast as he can!

The Life Autonomous: Ocean Exploration In The Age Of Robotics: When Boring Is Good

Art Trembanis
The age of robots is upon us and in the air, underwater, on the water surface or in outer space autonomous systems are giving human explorers unprecedented access to the world and universe around us.  A new generation of interdisciplinary scientists and engineers is helping usher in discoveries with bold experiments and unique designs.  What makes robotic based exploration unique and similar to human exploration?  What do we do when adventure comes our way and things go awry with rogue or missing robots?  What skills and approaches are needed to unravel mysteries in an age of autonomous systems?

Adventure and the Problem of the Hero

Steve Mortenson
Every adventure needs a hero, but we often forgo our own adventure in order to worship and admire the heroes in our lives. At the same time, when we become someone else’s hero, we may actually be preventing them from embracing their own potential for adventure. Why is it that some heroes inspire us to action, while other heroes leave us in a state of passive worship? Why does it often “feel heavy” to be another person’s role model or hero and how do we inspire those that admire us to be the most they can be?

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