Seeds for the Future

2022 TEDx Talks


Big Feelings and Connected Connectors at Work

Beth Finkle

Normalizing all emotions in the workplace can deepen connectivity, inclusivity and wellbeing on our team environments and empower individuals to thrive. In our current climate, we are faced by complex uncertainty every day. Bringing our full humanity to work is imperative to our mental and physical health. Emotional agility is a superpower, and it starts with the basic step of noticing. When we practice selective vulnerability coupled with a path to move through our emotions; innovation, creativity and productivity soars!

Have We Been Thinking Wrong about Puzzles?

Jacob Herz

Why do puzzles get such a bad wrap? Jacob Herz breaks down some stigmas of puzzling and reveals some unfamiliar truths. He even demonstrates the profound impact you can have with puzzles.

Epigenetics: Unraveling the Mysteries of Nature and Nurture

Natalia Husby

If you’re curious about how different environments influence your development, biology and behavior, then prepare to be mind-blown with this introductory talk about epigenetics. Epigenetic mechanisms are the internal biological processes that allow for us, and other organisms to change and adapt to the external world. The field is more exciting than ever, with new technologies enabling us to learn more about how epigenetics is involved in cancer, mental health, crop science and other scientific fields. With this talk, Natalia aims to plant the seeds of curiosity into every listener, empowering them with scientific knowledge, inspiring them to learn more about epigenetics and to apply this knowledge in their everyday lives in order to make the world a better place.

Inhaling Anti-Blackness, Exhaling Liberation

Kisha Porcher

Anti-Blackness is endemic. It is like smog; we all breathe it in. With guidance, wisdom and history of Black ancestors and scholars, Kisha Porcher narrates her journey of internalized anti-Blackness. Vulnerably, she highlights the ways in which she is working to disrupt anti-Blackness and center the beauty and complexity of Blackness in her life and in future classrooms. She provides opportunities for everyone to begin and/or continue their journey of disrupting and dismantling anti-Blackness within their personal lives and future classrooms.

How to Embrace your Child’s Gender Transition

Jennifer Rodstrom

It started with a child realizing that their gender didn’t fit the way it did for other kids. With vulnerability and tenderness, a mother shares how she and her family navigated the complex journey of advocating for their transgender child with unconditional love, parental acceptance and guidance and a supportive community. A very real look at what it means to raise a gender non-conforming child in a warm and loving environment.

Is there a Way to Morph Mindfulness to Be Accessible?

Nadia Sheikh

Nadia Sheikh knows that just saying “mental health is important” is not enough especially for those who do not have the resources to be mindful and heal mentally. She discusses her journey of developing the Mindfulness Tool Kit for the local Delaware nonprofit Chalkboard Charities and the necessity of implementing mindfulness for everyone one mind at a time.

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