2020 TEDx Talks


Don’t Over Think, Just Do

Seyanna Barrett
Overthinking can be a self-deprecating process that can hinder someone from reaching their true potential. In her TEDx Talk, Seyanna Barrett proposes that this can be combated if we second guess ourselves less and trust ourselves more to make the right decisions.

The (Super)Power of Emotional Contagion

Barret Michalec

We have a super power – the ability to “feel”, at least in part, what others are feeling.  But we have taken this power for granted, and in some cases, actually dismissed it as problematic or detrimental.  Sociologist Barret Michalec discusses the power of emotional contagion and the remarkable ability we possess to connect with others without even trying.  He suggests that we not only acknowledge and utilize this power, but hone it to better connect with the world around us.


Generation X: Why We Deserve New Branding

Jacquie Jordan
Was Nirvana your teen anthem? While the Millennials with little sister Gen Z and the Boomers duke it out in the workforce, in politics and in pop culture, where is the voice of Gen X? This branded Slacker Generation is suffering from Middle Child Syndrome. Find out what their superhero power actually is. 


The Other Side Of Bias

Quinetta Roberson
In today’s society, we are frequently directed on how to navigate unconscious biases. But what if those biases are not our own? In this thought-provoking talk, social scientist Quinetta Roberson guides us on navigating others’ unconscious biases and how each of us might become a better person in the process. 

What Happens To Those Left Behind?

Joshua Stout

Through in-depth interviews with family members and adult peers who have lost a loved one to an overdose, Joshua’s research unpacks the complexities of grief, while providing a voice to those left behind to cope with the impacts of an overdose death. In his talk, Joshua addresses an underrepresented area of the opioid epidemic, highlighting the impacts of stigma on grief, and the difficulties friends and families experience of finding a loved one care for substance use disorder.


Women In Construction

Emily Christopher
Emily is using her TEDx talk to enlighten you to the advantages of having women in the construction field, as well as the steps she believes are necessary to take in order to normalize women in construction.

Wealth Disparity And Community

Julie Kohn (Karand)

Throughout her travels, Julie has thought deeply about how financial stability plays into how people perceive their place in the world. In her Tedx Talk, Julie examines how the culture in which we grow up influences our understanding of wealth disparity, and how we think of the ‘others’ in our society. By better understanding other countries, she hopes that we can reflect on our own American culture.

Seeing Politics Through A New Lens

Muqtedar Khan

The world is suffering from a loss of beauty (compassion, love, mercy) in its public affairs. In this TEDx talk I argue that the Islamic mystical idea of Ihsan — to make things more beautiful — when realized even in small ways can combat social ills such as discrimiantion, racism and inequality.  


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