Hidden Lives, Amazing Stories

2023 TEDx Talks


How to IMPROVe Your Life

Karli George

Quickly, and don’t think: name a location, relationship, and word! Improvisational theater is not only an entertaining team-building exercise that facilitates quick decision-making, but it also cultivates interpersonal skills and knowledge that can help one navigate through multiple industries and challenges. Learn how to IMPROVe your professional and personal development by saying “Yes, and…”, embracing your current strengths, and learning to fortify a supportive network!

Reimagining Tomorrow: Embracing the Circular Economy

Tatiana Gomez

Unlock the potential of conscious consumption and sustainable living through the circular economy. Explore low-effort steps for a greener tomorrow in this inspiring TEDx talk. Join Tatiana Gomez, a first-gen Colombian American, scuba diver, and plant-based athlete turned eco-entrepreneur, on a transformative journey from eco-anxiety to eco-action. She reveals how embracing the circular economy can transform our approach to climate change.

This is How I Fight

Eric Hastings

It’s just mind over matter, at least that’s what some guys tell themselves. That mantra may be helpful at times, but it also deepens the generational pitfalls in how men approach mental health with each other and themselves. “This Is How I Fight” challenges men to consider reframing mental health in all aspects of male relationships: how we raise our sons, coach our athletes, mentor our youth, and talk with our loved ones. Eric attempted to hide the signs of a worsening mental health condition for years, but he refused any longer after the unexpected death of his dad. In honoring his dad, Eric shares a compassionate message of hope for other men who may be suffering and feel as alone. It’s never too late to speak up and you’re never alone in doing so.

The Best Kept Secret to a Successful Career

Michael Lawrence

What if there was one thing that we could all do to create the career of our dreams? For over 30 years, leadership coach and career expert Michael Lawrence has pursued that question relentlessly and shares the surprising answer that everyone can use. In “The Best Kept Secret to Career Success”, Michael shares this powerful tool and how you can use it for career success, personal development and leading a life beyond the limitations we set for ourselves.

Lessons from Alice Dunbar-Nelson’s Archive

Monet Lewis-Timmons

Storyteller and curator Monet Lewis-Timmons takes us on a journey to the past as she highlights the life and legacy of writer, educator, and activist Alice Dunbar-Nelson (1875-1935). In doing so, Lewis-Timmons reflects on her own experiences researching Black women’s archives while sharing three key lessons from Dunbar-Nelson’s personal papers to make connections between the gap between the past and the present.

Natural Hair Discrimination: It Isn’t “Just Hair”

Catherine Osinubi

This talk will educate on the history of the Natural Hair and the Movement. It underscores the strides in civil rights, texturism, cultural appropriation, Eurocentric beauty standards and more. Lastly, it addresses the guise behind Natural Hair Discrimination in society and the cultural attitudes/norms built around it.

The Power of Strategic Disruption

Lavar Thomas

Embracing change through strategic disruption can unlock the possibilities and purpose that lie dormant within us. Strategic disruption is a concept that involves a mindset shift and intentionally challenging our existing norms, environments, and worldview to redefine our self-concept. In this talk, Lavar emphasizes how this process can serve as a vital tool for personal development, leadership, and leading a life beyond the limitations of our comfort zones.

Changing How We Talk about Suicide

Susamma Seeley

Suicides are a leading cause of death globally, but no one wants to talk about it. Susamma Seeley, a U.S. Army Veteran, PhD student, and Crisis and Disaster Manager wants to change this. Sharing her own emotional journey as suicide-loss survivor, Susamma outlines small ways we can all work to change the way we process, think, and talk about suicide.

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